Take Back the Fight

Content Warning: Sexual Violence

Interference Archive’s most recent exhibit, “Take Back the Fight: Resisting Sexual Violence from the Ground Up,” casts a much needed spotlight on the anti-sexual violence organizing that has occurred throughout history and in different parts of the world. So much of the conversation and rhetoric around anti-sexual violence work posits rape and other acts of sexual violence as isolated and interpersonal exchanges or interactions. However, this exhibit emphasizes the ways in which womxn and allies have collectively worked to resist patriarchy in ways that undermine root causes of violence rather than retroactively respond to its specific iterations.

This exhibit was done in collaboration with the Lesbian Herstory Archives and presents the work and documentation of groups advocating for transformative justice, radical self-defense education, a Black feminist response to sexual violence, queer and transgender/gender nonconforming justice, a strong critique of White Feminist responses to sexual violence,and holding universities accountable to violence that occurs on campus. The exhibit closes with a discussion of social media’s role in anti-sexual violence organizing, giving visitors the opportunity to write in relevant hashtags, which included #stopneoliberalsexeducation, #SurvivedandPunished, y #niunamenos.

The exhibition can be found at 131 8th Street No. 4 Brooklyn, NY 11215 until October 29, 2017.



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