La Alianza de la Economía Cooperativa en la Ciudad de Nueva York

Cerrando la brecha de riqueza racial y de género por cooperación


La economía tradicional no te sirves.

Por eso, neoyorquinos han formaron más de 2000 organizaciones para adoptar un modelo mejor, en que las personas que viven, crecen, y aprenden entre una organización comparten en la propiedad y los beneficios. Si enfocamos en la vivienda, los bancos, comida, trabajo, o escuelas, juntos nos formamos una economía solidaria.

Buscan los recursos que se necesita para transformar la manera en que nuestro cuidad hace negocios.

Member Spotlight: Samira Rajan

“Sharing ought to be an option alongside the more exclusive or individual ownership that capitalism requires. Capitalist structures tend to crowd out any space for other types of structures, ones which are not built around the singular accumulation of wealth. I think of ‘solidarity economy’ as a way to talk about all these other possible structures, like cooperatives.”

– Samira Rajan, CEO and President of Brooklyn Cooperative Federal Credit Union

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CEANYC is a cooperative organization run for and by New Yorkers like you who are active in co-ops, community gardens, and community supported agriculture. Connect with people who share your passion and build skills together!

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Rebuilding with our Powers Combined

Join us for: Strengthening the Solidarity and Cooperative Economy in NYC: Rebuilding with our Powers Combined – May 26, from 6 – 8pm. In this workshop series, we will explore possible connections and collaborations across the solidarity economy as we … Read More

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