“Seeding Solidarity” Map – A User Guide

Welcome to Seeding Solidarity: A Map of NYC’s Economic Future [https://map.gocoopnyc.org/.] 

We’re so glad you are here. Now let’s dive into the many features of this remarkable tool:

1. Solidarity Economy Sectors: Starting at the top left you’ll see 8 formal sectors of NYC’s solidarity economy, each with its own uniquely colored icon. Clicking on that icon will make only that sector visible on the map. If you click on it again, you will make all sectors visible at once. You can also mix and match. For example, if you click “housing” then “CLTs” (community land trusts) only those sectors will appear on the map.

2. Search Bar: To use the search bar right below the sector icons, simply type the name of the cooperative or organization you want to locate or learn more about and then press enter. If it’s on our map you’ll be whisked there momentarily. 

3. Location markers and Descriptions: Clicking on the markers that represent each entity on the map, will allow you to see how that group describes themselves and access their web and or social media presence if available. 

4. District and Zip Code overlays: Moving to the bottom left corner, clicking on the square stack icon allows you to overlay City Council and Community Board districts as well as Zip Codes onto the map. Wondering how many co-ops and gardens are in City Council District 37 or Zip Code 11232? Now you can find out! 

5. Sectoral definitions: Moving to the top right corner, clicking on the “ABOUT” icon allows you to read a quick definition of what these entities are. As mentioned below, these definitions come from sectoral hub organizations and often highlight the unique values these community-controlled institutions were built on. 

6. Voices of NYC’s Solidarity Economy:  Clicking on “ABOUT” in the upper-right corner, and scrolling down below each sectoral definition, you will see one “Voices” entry, which features a particular organization and someone key to its work talking about it in their own words – photographed expertly by Andrés Rodríguez.

Our dream is for every group on the map to be featured this way, so if you want your co-op/group to have its own “Voices” entry, drop us a line: maria@gocoopnyc.org. 

7. Anything missing? Finally, if you are a part of or know about a group that you think should be on this map but is not, or if you want to correct or update any of our information re location, or simply offer any feedback at all, please don’t hesitate to email us at: mapcoopnyc@gmail.com.

To get further involved & join our movement: 

Thank you!