Member-owned and Member-managed

Cooperatives, community gardens, and CSAs are a part the solidarity economy. Our organizations create economic power, as a business would, but divide up ownership between every single member and seek to meet community needs rather than generate profit.

CEANYC helps individuals who are stepping into a leadership role within any part of the solidarity economy. We help New Yorkers become better co-op leaders, have bigger impacts on their neighborhoods, and to reach out to local decision makers. By becoming a CEANYC member you can both learn and lead.

Membership Benefits

CEANYC is owned and managed by its members, which includes organizations like co-ops, community gardens, community land trusts, and CSAs as well as individual New Yorkers. 

By working together members can access:

Technical Assistance and Training Capital Marketing Support Advocacy Networks and Community

A unified voice for change

CEANYC members organize to win policies that favor our neighborhoods over powerful real estate developers, big box stores, and elites who attack the rights of immigrants, women, and low-income people. 

We believe the people most impacted by a problem hold the solution, and we should be the drivers of any policy or decision that effects us.

A new world is not just possible, it's already here.

Worker co-ops, food co-ops, community development credit unions, community land trusts and gardens, mutual housing, CSAs,  and low-income housing co-ops provide an alternative to the winner-take-all paradigm that keeps most of the power in the hands of a select few.

Help when you need it

Cooperation releases abundance. While it might feel like there are scarce resources to support your co-op or garden, CEANYC pools the talents and resources of a large local, national, and international network to help you solve any problem cooperation (or capitalism!) throws your way. 

Join the Cooperative Economics Alliance


Membership gives you access to a network of peers and experts. You can learn from individuals, attend workshops, and contribute to the larger solidarity economy.


Support fellow New Yorkers forging a new economy by joining the Solidarity Economy Giving Project. You can even join the Giving Circle to take a deep dive into solidarity economy learning and fundraising in a supportive community of peers.


Most membership drives, workshops, and events are run entirely by our volunteers. If you're interested in the solidarity economy, this is the fastest way to learn and benefit.


Member Directory

CEANYC members are provided with a full print directory of NYC's solidarity economy so you can connect and take advantage of the network on your own.

Jobs Board

Know that you want to work in a co-op, but don't know where? Check out our member organizations who are looking for full and part-time staff.


Looking for funding to support training, an event, growing your programs, or for an unforeseen emergency? We can help. Apply to the Solidarity Economy Giving Project for up to $5k.