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Job Opening: Special Projects Coordinator

SummaryThe Cooperative Economics Alliance of NYC (CEANYC) seeks a Special Projects Coordinator (SPC) to assist in organizing our 2024 Solidarity Economy Spotlight series. The SPC will assist with programming and identifying speakers and facilitators through outreach to CEANYC membership and

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2023 Cooperative Leadership *Cohort*!

Please join us in welcoming the 2023 Cooperative Leadership Intensive (CLI) Cohort! For us, by us, our 2023 Cooperative Leadership Intensive is a six-month, participatory workshop series. A deep dive into how cooperatives and solidarity economy groups work – individually,

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The 2023 Cooperative Leadership Intensive

Join members of NYC co-ops and solidarity economy groups for the 2023 Cooperative Leadership Intensive (CLI), a six-month deep dive into how we work – individually, collectively, and in the many communities we are part of. As CEANYC convenes its 4th

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