La Economía Solidaria 101!

Are you interested in learning more about the Solidarity Economy in New York City? Our CEANYC Peer Educators are all seasoned facilitators with direct experience in cooperative and solidarity economy enterprises! In this 2-hour Solidarity Economy 101 workshop, we will help you and your organization or community answer the following questions:

– What are the root causes of economic injustice, and how does our current economic model perpetuate them?
– What is the alternative? What is the “solidarity economy”?
– What are some real-life examples of cooperative and solidarity economy models? What does the solidarity economy look
like in New York City?
– How does the solidarity economy framework and practice interact with international and/or social justice movements?
– How can a solidarity economy approach and cooperation benefit me and my community?
– How can we get more involved in solidarity economy work as individuals and a community?

*We welcome financial contributions, though nobody will be turned away for lack funds.

Sign up for workshops here, or email us at!


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