Solidarity Economy Giving Circle Information Session

In July, CEANYC hosted its first information session for our first annual Solidarity Economy Giving Circle at Verso Books. The Giving Circle is a chance to bring together 10-15 young donors and activists to move money to solidarity economy groups in New York City. Together, the group will build community and learn about the solidarity economy from seasoned organizers and long time community leaders.

This first cohort of the Giving Circle is set to run for one year, with participants meeting four times, building towards members contributing a meaningful gift of $1000. These funds will then be pooled and CEANYC’s democratically-controlled member organizations will decide collectively how best to distribute the money. Members will also collaborate with CEANYC staff in order to host a giving party for those who would like to move money but are not able to participate in the circle.


The Giving Circle is not about throwing money to a good cause, but rather about intentionally giving in solidarity with other New Yorkers doing important work but receiving little to know financial compensation or support for it. Through the Circle, members can engage with class, social justice, and the politics of philanthropy while making meaningful contributions to their own lives and the lives of others in their city and community. For more information, email organize@gocoopnyc, and to contribute to the work of CEANYC and its members, donate today!


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